4 Simple Steps To Kick Your Engagement to the NEXT LEVEL

4 Simple Steps To Kick Your Engagement to the NEXT LEVEL

4 COOL Ways to get IG Followers In Less Than 10 minutes!

Use High Quality Images Or Viral Content with these tips!!

1 – Optimize Headline or Bio!


because your headline in bio is now searchable – If YOU add relevant keywords you will literally attract followers on autopilot!

2 – Engage with highly rated people

This takes less than 5 minutes a day! – WHY?? – Leads to extra growth from people already warm!! – Dive into Tags, follow 2 recent users & LIKE 3 recent posts – This is you giving value & engaging with the right people – It causes warm people in your niche to come check you out!!

3 – Encourage engagement by utilising STORY features!!


because it positions you more positively with the algorithm


Use Polls, Questions & Quizzes

This triggers the Algo to SHARE your Story to viewers
and followers

Ask the right question to gather data about what your audience wants & cares about!

4 – Be relatable & HONEST in your own captions


because people connect with that ten times more than a standard post, and it’s one of the best n easiest ways to encourage engagement!!

Use an example within your niche!! SHARE A STORY WHAT MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE!

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