How To Create A Successful Instagram Bio

How To Create A Successful Instagram Bio

Instagram Growth 🚀

👉One of the biggest mistakes people make on Instagram is to not optimise their account. Would you set up a shop, or store and have a horrible window display?

🙌Well you Instagram Bio is just like that!

👉Instagram is a social media platform based on visuals, as such to get the best out of it, you need to up your game and get your “BIO Optimised” so the viewers “LOVE”🥰 the visuals!

⏱You have less than 2 seconds to set a good first impression on Instagram, so if you don’t maximise this aspect of your account you might as well be leaving money on the table!

😕In this day and age the last thing you want is for you money to fly away💸💸

When people land on your account and see a poor Bio, this could translate to the loss of 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦followers, poor social proofing👎, negative reviews, or even loss of a future client!

Now to combat this I have put together a brief guide, see my STORY today ☯️

Alternatively, If you think your bio needs optimising and need help, then feel FREE to DM me and ask for a free Strategy call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

😎There’s more to just optimising a bio than most realise.

I’m LJ and if you like my content feel FREE to ADD me, Like or SHARE, I’m also available for consulting, as well as the man behind the Instagram #Instaninja Masterclass Course.

🚀So let’s take your account into the heights it deserves!!

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